The Team

Henrik Friis de Magalhães e Meneses
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Henrik Friis de Magalhaes e Meneses is the Founder of TheModCon. In his role as CEO, he handles the strategic direction and financial operations of the platform. Henrik was born in Oslo to a Norwegian father and a Portuguese mother. He has lived in Oslo, Copenhagen, New York City, Lisbon and London. He was elected President of the Student Government Association at Richmond University in 2015. Henrik is also a filmmaker and has been to the frontlines of Iraq covering the War against ISIS and is the Director of the award-winning film #UnitedWeWin.
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Irene Ann Promodh
Managing Editor
As Managing Editor of TheModCon, Irene recruits prospective writers and contributors, equips them with the expertise required to create TheModCon's signature articles or video content through one-on-one training sessions and helps maintain regular flow of content. As a homeschooled senior in high school, Irene believes that TheModCon serves as the ideal platform for burgeoning political science enthusiasts like herself, to make their politics, global, through this unrestricted forum of self-expression and rewarding contribution to the field of international affairs.
Adam Kearns
Project Manager
Adam Kearns is a Project Manager at TheModCon. His role is to oversee the coordination of projects and work in the film production department. Adam was born and raised in Chester, England, and now studies MSc International Public Policy Analysis at the University of Bath. With a keen interest in politics and foreign affairs Adam recently graduated from Nottingham Trent University with a BA in History and Politics. He also worked for the Conservative Party in the run-up to the 2015 General Election.
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James Landis
Editorial Advisor
James is from Gettysburg, Pennsylvania in the United States. A political junkie since his teenage years, James is responsible for overseeing published content and ensuring it maintains the vision of TheModCon. James is especially interested in presidential politics and how they affect the cultural landscape, along with their historical impact. Building on this, he is also interested in history and culture as stand-alone subjects, taking a broad approach within his analysis.
Shaheen Nazdar
Project Coordinator
Shaheen is from Duhok, Iraq and is responsible for coordinating and executing TMC projects on the ground in Iraq.