Official Selection December 2016


1234 – Directed by Lídio Ramalho (Brazil)
The Women In The Sand – Steve Jarvis (United States)
Hoda’s Story – Johan Eriksson (Israel)
Listen to me: untold stories beyond hatred – Gagik Ghazareh (Armenia)
Black Square – Nikoloz Bezhanishvili (Georgia)
A Small Step for a Man, a Giant Smile for Mankind – Bernarda Avsenik & Alenka Fajfar Gnezda (Slovenia)
Eclipse – Eugenia Lindblad (Sweden)
The Return – Hamid reza mazrae khatiri (Iran)
“Liberty & Slavery: The Paradox of America’s Founding Fathers” – A. Troy Thomas (United States)
Odorico, Become a Saint – Roger Mantica (Nicaragua)
Sitting is not good, I want war – Zanyar Omrani (France)
The Women In The Sand – Steve Jarvis (United States)
Firefighters Under Occupation – Ciaran Gibbons (United Kingdom)
The Surge – Wilfred Tangid (Canada)
Mary Boyle: The Untold Story – Gemma O’Doherty (Ireland)
The Lost Son – Sigrid Deters (Netherlands)
Sinmalin – Chaweng Chaiyawan (Thailand)
Reverse-Shot: Diary of a Struggle – May Kassem (Lebanon)
Who the hell is Satan – Leo Ferri (United Kingdom)
Dancing Resistanbul – Claudia Carolin Münch (Germany)
Hello, Me Again – Rory Sturdy (Ireland)
Del Couch Music Education Foundation – Paige Irene (United States)
Rangers of the Reef – Brady Valashinas (United States)
Jack Panna – Latham Wright (United Kingdom)
HOPE – Jitendranath Das (India)
Indie Music: Fighting Against the Stream – Takho Lee (South Korea)
Twice Shy – Tom Ryan (United Kingdom)
Pechorin – Roman Khrushch (Russia)
Deal – Quinn Pohl (United Kingdom)
The Bird May Die – Hamid Tamjidi (Canada)
Muji – Steve Woo (Hong Kong)
Rosethorn – 
Aditya Patwardhan (United States)
Northern Lights – Nicholas Connor (United Kingdom)
Change – João Dall’Stella & 
Laurie Barraclough (United Kingdom)
Skin – 
Panos Katsimperis (Greece)
Wheelchair Dance – Yasuhiro Tamura (Japan)
10 Minutes – Thierry Sausse (France)
Chains of Men – Javier Porragas & Fabio Bottani (Canada)
Bluff – Nathan Ross Murphy (United States)
Walter – Breno Ferreira (Brazil)
Kayla’s World – Kate Bohan (United States)
Box – Jijo Sebastian (Jijo S Palatty) (Ireland)
43 – Adrian Rodriguez (United States)
All I Want – Venika Mitra (India)
Nod – Jake Hunsicker (United States)
Faith – Grant Murphy (United Kingdom)
Nowhere – Taras Demian Groves (United Kingdom)
New Dawn – Adrian Rodriguez (United States)
Promises – Edward Chettleburgh (United Kingdom)
Through It All – D’Anthony Ward (United States)
Metachrosis – Max Armen (United States)
Under The Radar – Frank Pinnock (United States)
Every Moment – 
Francisco C. Torres (United States)
Unfinished Story? – 
Vaibbhav Budhiraja (India)
In Her Hands – Ferenc Rákóczy (Switzerland)
Chronicles of Elizabeth – Ruke Amata (United Kingdom)
Restart – 曾大衡 Tseng Ta Heng (Taiwan)
The Love Contract – Mikael Högman (Sweden)
Money Time – Ludovic Houplain (France)
Stripped – India Dupré (United States)
Sauti – Gayle Nosal & Beret E. Strong (United States)
The Other Side – Michael Degani (Switzerland)
Addict – Lugli Nicolas (France)
The Crowns of Serendip – Robert E. Proto (United States)
He’s Rooftop Afternoons – He Xu (Canada)
Ghostwriter – Tyna Ezenma (United States)
Dust – Pongkarnda “Kik” Udomprasert (United States)
Born in America-EmpressYana – Kyle Bernard Crowder (United States)
Poison – Harry Nott (United Kingdom)
Ophelia – Laurie Barraclough (United Kingdom)
The Wait – Tiziana Bosco (Italy)
Demon Hunter – Zoe Kavanagh (Ireland)
The Head of the Mouse – Aditya J. Patwardhan (United States)
Unhinged – Austen Lane (United Kingdom)
Cycle – Caleb Wild (United States)
His First Time – Angel Violet (Canada)
Mirror – Sara Eustáquio (Portugal)
From Noya – Steve Thompson (United Kingdom)
Washing Line (OST) – Stefano Gargiulo (Italy)
“Wild One” The Ballad of Brando – Philip Curcuru & The Atomik Age Project (United States)
Waiting – Philip Curcuru & The Atomik Age Project (United States)
Equipoise – Gung-Kai Koo (United States)
Charlie – Laura Hypponen (United Kingdom)
Cain Hill – Gene Fallaize (United Kingdom)
Sandra Munt’s Adventure – RUBÉN ARNÁIZ (Spain)
It’s a Flawed Circle – Alessia Vegro (Italy)
CRIMSON ROSE – Dana Boulos (United States)
The So-So You Don’t Know – Marlene Rhein (United States)
WOW – Chic & Artistic (France)
SAVE – Iván Sáinz-Pardo (Germany)
The Soldier – Luke Walters (United Kingdom)
From All of Our Love This Was Lost – Cody LaPlant & Nick Zoulek (United States)
When Winter Comes – Will Davies (United Kingdom)
Leafless Against the Gray Sky – Nick Zoulek (United States)
Follow Me – Dieter Grohmann (Belgium)
Roman Buildings – Brian Philip Katz (United States)
Episode 4: Because the outside World has changed – Go-Eun Im (Netherlands)
This Song – Livia Alcalde (Italy)
Let Me Love U (Monika Bagarova) – 
Michal Kunes Kováč (Czech Republic)
You’ll Never Know – Freddy Rodriguez (United States)
Little Princess Girl – Robert Lyons and Kevin Worth (United States)
Skygaze · Drop – Diego Torres (Spain)
Tell me why you obsess me – Naima Chebahi (France)
Somewhere Only We Know – Jiranant Kanjanagawin (United Kingdom)
TAXI LUNAR – Marcos Moreno (Brazil)
Through It All Music Video  – D’Anthony Ward (United States)
RiVERS – Clouds – Bradley Collins (United Kingdom)
Love So Cold – Singer/Songwriter/Producer: Darren Nash/Paul Murray (United Kingdom)
Spiders – Gareth Rowntree (United Kingdom)
Hollow – Sarp Kerem Yavuz (United States)
Xpand – Wolfpack – Ondrej Rybar (United Kingdom)
CopyCat Club – Ganz Berlin – Riccardo Torresi (Italy)
Delightful – Katie Garibaldi (United States)
Making Lucy – John Davidson & Macario De Souza (Australia)
Cover for Sally’s Song – Angel Violet (Canada)
Rivita – Listen – Rivita A. Goyle (India)
Meeting Fate – Dhyan Vimal (Malaysia)
Celal – Sezen YILMAZ (Turkey)
Yellow River – Lucia Barata (Brazil)
Emigrant – Thaer Al Shamali (Syria)
EDOF – Karl Hammond (United Kingdom)
Machina Mortem – Jan Postema (Netherlands)
Below 0 – itai hagage & jonathan gomez (Costa Rica)
Seventh Angel – Richard Perry (United States)
Terrordise – Victoria Alexander (United States)
Through the Mill – Harold Brown (Canada)
Enemy Unseen – Humayun Mirza (United Kingdom)
Mignonette – Ali Hughes (United Kingdom)
Mad Dash – William Leonard (United States)


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