Official Selection March 2016

tmclff big M


Google it Directed by Michael Felanis
The Army Calls! Directed by Antika Panda
One Head Does Not Take Council Directed by Joseph Akwasi Akiumi 
Battle Directed by Cody Tevis 
Hypopressives Directed by Omar Caballero 
Stop Directed by Mohammad Hossein Safari
Cagliari Without Borders Directed by Roberto Pinna
Self Check-In Kiosk Directed by Mriganka Bhuyan
No Fear on Wheels Directed by Dan Davidson
Unfathomable Reality Directed by Sneha Shrotri
The Magician Directed by Andrew Rubin
Disaster Echoes Directed by Yu-Chieh Cheng
The Spirit of Cincinnatus Growing with Cincinnati Directed by Lauren Pray
Fire Flowers Directed by Riccardo Canella
A Better Place Directed by Dennis Ho
Swayer Corporations Directed by Basak Gaziler Prasad
A Flower is Missing Directed by Tonatiuh Ramirez Rocha
Sunset Directed by Carter Zhao
Michael Directed by Jonathan Kemp
Forgiveness Directed by Irani Rima
My Friend Ivor Directed by Aleksandra Czenczek
Flamingo Directed by Shameem Ahmad Nawber
The Last Tear Directed by Christopher H. K. Lee
The Resume Directed by Jason Margaca
The Way Home Directed by Begonia Randhav
Grado Mission Directed by Carlo Christian Spano
Imminent Threat Directed by Janek Ambros
Rose Directed by Ritchie Vermeire
Sunicorn Directed by Tuo Kan
Obsolescence Directed by Andrea Cristini
Fruitcake Directed by Harriet Croucher
Nostalgia Directed by Sofia Maya Dawoudi
She’s Mine Directed by Greg Haworth
Hostages to Misfortune Directed by Quiers Pierre Julien
The Night Bird Daughter Directed by Rajkumar Mohan
I am Grace Directed by Christopher H. K. Lee
Strelitzia Reginae Directed by Jamal James
RED EGG Directed by Cheung May
Exodus Directed by Sergio Postigo Cruz
Ukraine. Paralipomenon. A Chronicle of Omissions. Directed by Yulia Matsiy
An Unfinished Film, For My Daughter Somayeh Directed by Morteza Payeshenas
Zeinab Directed by Salah Abu Oun
The Norwegian War Profiteers Directed by Tom Heinemann
A Heart That Never Dies Directed by Tom Heinemann
Bottle Neck Directed by Joanna Priestley
Grandma a True Story Directed by Viviane Peoc’h
Gift Directed by Dinesh Raj
Kobane 15 Directed by Amir Kabir Jabbari
Killer Bird Directed by Daniel Harding
Portrait of a Wind-up Maker Directed by Dario Perez
Save My Dreams Directed by Maryam Rahimi
The Unexpected Refugee Directed by Ihab Mokayed
Ulin Directed by Leo Plunkett
Think Twice Directed by Naser Shillova
Wings Directed by Charlie Martinez, Facundo RedoniSantiago YieCristian Federici, Eduardo Torres, Gabriel Rios and Elijas Carabajal
One Too Many Directed by Sinead Stoddart
Orphans of the Genocide Directed by Bared Maronian
Pilot to Photographer Directed by Edgardo Marquina
CAGE Directed by Pengpeng Du
Acquaintance Directed by Alexey Protsenko
The Swirl of Life Directed by Jason Margaca
Behind Closed Doors Directed by Dennis Jade
Karlisha & Morgan Directed by David M. Raynor
A Detective Story Directed by Andreas Psaltis
Lie Directed by Saeed Ebrahimi
Coffee and Green Tea Directed by Gholamreza Jafari
Turnabout Directed by E. B. Hughes
Georgian Dance: The Nation’s Soul 4 BC to Modern Day Directed by Salome Tkebuchava
Home Directed by Joshua Costea
Ukraine – Path To Freedom Directed by Oles Chernyuk
Jackie Krisher: No Limits Directed by Claire Imler
Solitude Directed by Claire Imler
The Black Mamba Anti-Poaching Unit Directed by James Suter
We Promised Directed by Nancy Hamilton Myers
Amber Directed by Theo Gelernter
A Faithless Faith Directed by Reza Safa
Two Wrongs Directed by Simon Cade
Capsule Directed by Andrew Martin
Sixteen Sunrises & Sunsets Directed by Marilyn Swick
God Is Not Working On Sunday! Directed by Leona Goldstein
Cape Espichel – In Land of a Lost World Directed by Carlos Sargedas
Spilling Salt  Directed by Natalia Armienta
The Session – Teaser Trailer Directed by Cynthia Bergen
The Beautiful Game Directed by Chris Bayon
Strange Places – Trailer Directed by Cynthia Bergen
No Sleep – Trailer Directed by Cynthia Bergen
A Memory of My Mother Directed by Alex Tamaro
Half Awake Directed by Catherine Garrett
Jackpot Directed by Kevin Ramlal
Agobio Directed by Gabriela Anez
Flint Directed by Meena Ayittey
Alicija Directed by Mike Peacock
First Glimmer Directed by Waheed Khan
Open Mike Directed by Asib Akram
Destination Directed by Craig Parker
Story of a Girl Directed by Jonathan Smith
Skin Directed by Deloris Collins
Sebastien: The Slumberland – Trailer Directed by Leona Goldstein
The Wish Directed by Vijay Subramanian
Fractured City Directed by Sean Murray
Reflection  Directed by R.M. Moses
Early Release Directed by Stephen M. Hunt
Mousse Directed by John Hellberg
Aethernaut Directed by Ultan Courtney
The Strangeness of Coming Home Directed by Bochen Zhang
Freesia Directed by Conor Ibraheim
1942 Directed by Valentin Pittard
The Grand Guignol Directed by Maria Cardenas
Jack the Ripper: Reality and Myth Directed by Mario Domina
How it is Directed by Maximilian Moskal
Void Directed by Jamie Lipman
Scent of Love Directed by Chengcheng Feng
The World of Microfluidics Directed by Toby Goldener Western
The Promise of Agriculture Directed by Robert Frye
Deep Pan Fury Directed by Charlie Dennis
Two Shores Directed by Keyvan Sayar
The Keys Directed by Farid Itani
Modify Directed by Oliver Efesopoulos
Natan Directed by Simon Marian Hoffmann
Will You Be Mime? Directed by Jacob Kipping
Moughtareb “He who is in between” Directed by Stephanos Mangriotis
That’s Not My Grandpa, That’s My Dad! Directed by Ama Anie Noia
Noise & Confusion Directed by Julian James Leo
Levitation on a Concrete Surface Directed by Mox Mäkelä
Pixelord Rescue Cyber Party Directed by Alexandre Louvenaz
Taniyama-Shimura Directed by Borja Soler Gil
Died 100 times Directed by Ruah Edelstein
Do You Feel Alive? Directed by Noomi Spook
Only Wanna Party Directed by Brian Kohne
Night Without Shade Written by Dimitri Limpert
Galactica Directed by Camilla Uboldi
Like in the Movies Directed by Carlos Cuadros
Ve Vill Kill You Directed by Sean Lim
Hope Directed by Knutur Haukstein Olafsson
Refugee Kids: One Small School Takes On the World Directed by Renee Silverman
AKATEWA Written by Jean-Marie Mazaleyrat & Edith Woi
Visions Directed by David Birner
I’m Alive Directed by Ritchie Vermeire
The Ventilator Directed by Elena Sagresti
Bit-Tuner/Immune Directed by Roland von Tessin
The Fib Directed by Filip Zaluska
Red All Over Directed by John Wayne S. III
“The Keys” Directed by Joe Hoster and Sonia Benarab
War & Peace Directed by Mojtaba Yari
Matriarchy Directed by Nikos Kornilios
Seriah’s Legacy Written by Julie M Kaufmann
Crimea. The Emperors Dream Directed by Daniel Dlouhy
We’ll Be Happy Again Directed by Gur Shachar
Release Me Directed by Jeremy J Hawkes
Little One; A Dragon’s Quest for Home Written by Steven Bogart
“Branding” Written by Charles Laulette
“Madame Facades” Written by Charles Laulette
Moscow Station Directed by Alexander Mattingly
I Come in Pieces Directed by Mikael Vecchio
Valse Triste Directed by Philippe Quint
Blackbear “Slide Thru” Directed by Drew Kirsch
Pictures of You Directed by Andrei Ionescu
High Places Directed by Brenda Roberts Costa
P.U.L.S.E – Prosocial Uniting Life Stabilization Experiment Directed by Patrick Templin
Husky “I’m not coming back” Directed by Wayne McCauslin
Beatin Directed by Quentin Perez
Sundays Directed by Benjamin Noah
Justice in Light Directed by Elena Tagliapietra
The Slow Show – Augustine Directed by Paul Booth
Piano Drop Directed by Fedaykin Fedaykin
Dreams and Spaces in Between Directed by John Graham
SoundPrint Directed by Monteith McCollum
Read All Over Directed by John Wayne S. III
In Ribbons Directed by Marie-Valerie Jeantelot 
Ridden by Nature Directed by Kiah Keya