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As an aspiring public policy maker and social researcher, I am devoted to researching and analysing political trends worldwide in order to understand the defining characteristics of a nation that pave the road to its success or failure. TheModCon provides me with a platform to both express my views as a writer and enable the leaders of tomorrow to explore their potential today as Editor of Current Affairs.

Deadly Blast Shakes Duterté’s Hometown

After just two months since his presidential election, the Philippines’ President, Rody Duterté, now faces a national crisis due to the recent recent bomb blast that killed 14 and injured many others, while straining his attempts to banish narcotics and illegal trade in the country. Police officials and governing...

11 Hours of Terror

This article was written by Maleeha Coleburn, an aspiring human rights activist who is new to the MODCON community but is a promising writer and future leader for humanitarian issues. What started as another beautiful day in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, ended in bloodshed. It began at...