Iraqi army defending the world :

Iraqi army

Since establishment of Iraqi army in 5th -January 1921, , it had faced a fiercer enemies, but last enemy was totally different . Islamic state occupied whole middle of Iraq and large parts of the north of Iraq which is Nineveh province , Sinjar ,..etc. in mid-2014, So Iraqi army became a most power in front of Islamic state face .

tow years since Iraqi army started  confronting against this dirty state and crush all their strong forces and retake all area which is controlled by Islamic state .during past five months ago of when liberation of Nineveh stated by Iraqi army I spent most of the time with Iraqi army, supporting them with an American team”FBR” with all we power we have .

The 9th Armored Division, it considered one of the most powerful Iraqi army divisions, since Iraqi army restructuring in 2003 by the civilian governorate Paul Bremer. 9th armored division  soldiers are characterizing by high combat experience and gears, and officers are from the war between Iraq and Iran in 1980, their experiences first war had happened before.

The ninth division is one of the most powerful division that retakes Iraqi land from isis and wipe isis from each area they attack , ninth division has several American and Russian types of tanks, armored vehicles, and excellent defense cannon and an  effort engineering. During the battles of ninth division against Isis Iraq army were very care for civilian to not get hurt , and they were very helpful..

PS :This is what I found in the Iraqi army during” liberation of Nineveh”, and the eastern and western side of Mosul.

#”for Iraqi martyr’s memory glory and for their spirit peace”


Shaheen kh

2017 – 25 of march