Yazidis women two years of Islamic State captivity

Yazidis women 2 years of isis captivity
Yazidis women and two years of isis captivity

After two years, Yazidi women are still being slaughtered in Mosul among extremists of the so-called “Islamic State”  or ISIS; nothing has changed since their capture. Theirs is a life of slaughter, sale, purchase, and torment.

Now, with the demise of the Islamic State in sight, ISIS fighters are using Yazidi women as human shields, conducting suicide attacks with vests and cars, and fighting to death against the Iraqi Army. The Yazidi women are quickly evaporating with ISIS as they are made into a human sacrifice for these fighters; both day and night they are dying in the bonds of slavery.

Twenty days ago, I spent some time in Mosul supporting a N.G.O. as a translator. During this time, multiple civilians confirmed that there are Yazidi women in a terrible situation with ISIS militants further into the city. I witnessed the Iraqi Army fighting house to house and block to block, in a gripping and bloody battle with ISIS. No one can defeat these militants and liberate the Yazidi women without comprehensive plans and coordination from the United Nations and Coalition forces.

I spoke to one man named Khaled Tumsah who was tortured by ISIS in 2014 because he was caught drinking wine. He assured me that the ISIS militants were still holding the Yazidi women somewhere in the city. The Iraqi Army knows this information, and has acted on intelligence indicating the possible locations of Yazidi women in the past. In early December 2016, for example, the Iraqi Army brigade my organization was with heard that there were six Yazidi women in Salam hospital. They came to rescue them, and the ensuing fight found the Iraqi Army trapped by ISIS in the hospital with over eighty casualties of the one hundred soldiers present. Because of the vicious attacks of the ISIS fighters and the complex nature of the fighting, the Iraqi Army soldiers could not rescue the Yazidi women.

Another person I met in Shaima area in Mosul was also tortured by ISIS. ISIS cut off his fingers after accusing him that he sold cigarettes. According to him, one man he knew from Mosul who joined ISIS participated in a rape of a seven year old Yazidi girl then took her to the hospital to have her hymen “closed”. When the physician told him he could not do such a thing, the ISIS man killed the doctor and the girl in the hospital.

In spite of all difficulties on the ground in Mosul, Iraqi security forces are working to rescue Yazidi women both day and night. They have intelligence about the whereabouts of some of the women, but one question remains: how reliable is this intelligence? My idea is that there are now couple hundreds  them such hostages now in the city. So the question is what happened to the all the other three thousand Yazidi women in captivity?  It seems to me that the same thing that happened to the Yazidis in Fallujah is what has happened or will happen to the Yazidi women in Mosul. Because the Islamic state will not surrender, all the hostages have same fate as the ISIS fighters which is death. The martyrdom of the Yazidi women will be the end of hope for their families, who have been waiting for them for two years. Their stories will be forgotten by all but the Yazidis, because no one intervened sooner.

The hope we have for the survival of these captives is almost non-existent. The United Nations is only declaring words and sanctions without acting.

And that’s all shows to us collation forces and other groups whom fighting  Islamic State they are doing what they ordered what their benefit calls !

And the main question is if the hostages were from U.S or Europe ,or Russia, what will happened then??!

Shaheen kh

5-Jan\ 2017