2016: The Year of Global Revolution, and Columbia is No Exception

This article was written by Dayana Begalieva for the Moderate Conservative.

Columbia’s government alongside the FARC (The Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) guerrilla faction, has just created its new peace accord, which proposed over 500 new modifications to the original document. The FARC governance provided a number of ground key points, including penalties for those charged with committing war crimes and drug trafficking.

The penalties are now indicated more distinctly, and are intensified forms of the original accord which specified that those who fully admit to their deeds and make compensations, may serve five to eight years in restriction of liberty, therefore allowing the judge to set a unique characterization in each case. With the new accord, the zones of liberal restriction cannot be larger than a rural hamlet.

The new accord also intensifies the notion of command accountability for war crimes. This new edition holds all commanders who should have known what those under their command were doing, accountable for war crimes. It also further branches out into “false positive killings” which will not be entitled to a shorter restricted liberty.

The drug trafficking charges against ex-FARC members will be determined case by case to distinguish whether the proceeds were used to pay for guns, food, and related needs, in which case the involvement in drug trade may be amnestied. This sort of “case by case” manner was never in existence in the original peace accord.

It isn’t clear yet whether politicians will intensify their opposition to the new accord, but if that would be the case, then their side will be at risk of being viewed as an exploitation of remaining discrepancies in order to push the accord’s approval period close to the 2018 presidential and congressional campaigns.

Source: PBS NewsHour



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