Trump Claims Victory as 45th US President. What’s Next for Us?

The Republican Party can no longer be considered the home for conservatives. Conservatism is about protecting the fundamental rights…. But tonight there are millions of Americans, I’m sad to say, who are now in fear that perhaps their liberties will be challenged and threatened under a Trump administration….
– Evan McMullin, Conservative Independent Candidate

The Moderate Conservative had earlier this year endorsed a candidate who stood up for everything that America was once founded on: faith, love, unity, freedom, accountability and honesty. This candidate, unfortunately, did not receive due credit for his passion and devotion to our land as “President of the United States”, although he had the continual support of tens and hundreds of thousands of diligent supporters who looked up to him for a brighter America free of bigotry and hatred. This candidate is none other than Evan McMullin. We are honored to have stood by his side, and we believe that his campaign is one that we will continue as a movement across the States and the world through the ModCon’s collaboration with the wider McMullin community to achieve our dreams for this great nation. According to his statement after Trump was declared as the President elect, we need to take our conservatism beyond the walls of the Republican Party and settle for nothing less than what he stood up for during his brief yet powerful campaign.

With Donald Trump as our unexpected 45th US President, things will inevitably seem chaotic and inexplicable at first, but it is now the most important time to acknowledge our new leader, as “we owe him an open mind and a chance to lead”, in the words of former Secretary of State who humbly conceded the presidential race to her political rival after polls declared an unusual victory for the Republic nominee. In a race that has deeply divided America due to differences in beliefs and attitudes, it is of utmost important for conservatives around the nation, to not succumb to defeat, but to instead join their hands together and show the world the true meaning of conservatism. This is an appeal to all distraught, confused and terrified Americans to not give into their fears, to not continue dividing the country with hatred against one another, but to instead work alongside each other to truly “Make America Great Again” – a slogan that has been viewed with much negativity over the past several months, but now needs to be interpreted in a different light, for its purpose has, shockingly, become a reality.

Let us hold Donald Trump accountable for his actions by standing rooted in our convictions, beliefs and rights. Let us unify our land once again to truly reflect our pride in the UNITED States of America, regardless of whether or not November 8 yielded the results we had worked, strived and hoped for. Let us set ourselves on a trail to uphold our country with the values that we hold so closely to our hearts; we still have a voice, and we can never be defeated as a movement and conservative body.

Let us look ahead to what the future lies in store for us as we shape the path and destiny of an historic Conservative Movement in The United States of America – a country that we still love and take pride in.

Irene Promodh

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As an aspiring public policy maker and social researcher, I am devoted to researching and analysing political trends worldwide in order to understand the defining characteristics of a nation that pave the road to its success or failure. TheModCon provides me with a platform to both express my views as a writer and enable the leaders of tomorrow to explore their potential today as Editor of Current Affairs.