Countdown to November 8: Polls and Predictions – Who Will It Be?

With just two days left for what will be one of the United States’ most crucial election outcomes, Clinton seems to be standing relatively strong at 44.9%, just a 2% lead over her rival – Donald Trump, but credible sources claim that is just the median margin of error, so Clinton’s “lead” over Trump can shift in either direction. Other poll tracking sources reveal that Clinton has a 5.2% lead over Trump. On average, one cannot predict anything; two days just may be enough to turn the course of events in a whole new different direction – the only thing left to do is to vote your conscience: the outcome lies in your hands!




Predictions claim that Clinton will win by a landslide with 347 electoral votes in total as a result of her victories in key swing states. Evan McMullin has gained international recognition after his success in Utah’s polls, but the McMullin and Finn campaign would need a drastic addition of momentum from supporters to make a considerable impact on polls on November 8. Nothing is clear or predictable, so it is up to us to shape the course of events to ensure that our next leader would be America’s triumph and not failure.


Irene Promodh

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