How the Media Created “Trump” – Opinion Article

I believe Evan McMullin and his supporters – of which I am one – are the antithesis of the new media-churned extreme progressive and alt-right status quo. May the new synthesis be one that lets our nation, our people, and the world’s people be free and prosper. – Anna Holloway

In “Business Insider,” Oliver Darcy and Pamela Engel write that, as their title says, the GOP “must do something about the conservative media complex if it wants to survive.” Although this article helps explain why I am voting for Evan McMullin today, I have a different, more personal recollection of how we got here with Donald Trump as the Republican nominee.

Hegel’s theory of history applies. The thesis (or prevailing climate), around 1963, was that the major networks, ABC, CBS and NBC could be trusted to bring us all the news. The antithesis was that these news sources were biased towards liberals, and conservatives needed to be heard, which began to happen. The synthesis, unfortunately, is a mainstream/social media world where biased liberal (progressive) and biased conservative (even alt-right) voices all have many outlets and where viewers or readers rarely take the time or have the information to determine which outlets are to be believed.

In the early 90s, I attended a seminar on media bias at Hillsdale College. This was pre-Fox, but Brit Hume, and Fred Barnes were there with an up-and-coming female conservative media-person, possibly Laura Ingle.

Rush Limbaugh came on TV, and for a while, I watched, excited that finally there was a conservative on TV. The Fox News Channel debuted, and I was even more thrilled. I revered Tony Snow, Brit Hume, Fred Barnes, Charles Krauthammer, and Bill Kristol. Fox also featured Mara Liasson, Mort Kondrake, and later Juan Willliams, who were principled liberals.

But soon, O’Reilly came on, and Sean Hannity. For a little while, I watched. But soon enough, they began to make me sick because of their visible egotism and extreme statements, backed up anecdotally, at best.

The thesis, a liberal-dominated media, was counteracted by the antithesis, a coming to the foreground of conservative commentators. The synthesis is what we have today – snarky liberal and conservative media personalities and a public, a sizeable portion of which supports Donald Trump, that comments and trolls viciously online, emulating their media heroes.