Trump’s Public Breakdown: An Orderly Transition of Power in Doubt

As the Presidential election nears, it is clear the Republican candidate is having a very troubling and dangerous breakdown. Trump’s singular obsession to debunk accusers, critics and the “rigged system,” is laying the foundation for a tarnished transition of power.  If Trump proves to be unwilling to accept the outcome of the election, similar to his fixation on Obama’s birthplace, the results are likely to be dangerous.

The forty-percent who support him and share his thinking on the unfairness of the system, might make the obstruction we as a country endured during the Tea Party era, look like a tea party!  The enthusiasm his supporters have and their willingness to support him even if he “shoots someone on Fifth Avenue,”  portends an uncertain period post-election.  Forty-percent of anything just may wreak havoc on the rest.

With Putin and Russia exercising their muscles in ways unlikely 10 years ago, a break-down in the very basic and unique element that separates the United States from other countries – the peaceful and orderly transition of power – might only encourage our enemies to be even more aggressive. While Trump won’t, and can’t accept defeat, it is time for his most ardent supporters to become truly patriotic, as opposed to how they define it now, and accept the outcome of the election. His supporters have every right to remain a vocal minority, and oppose policies they do not endorse, but questioning the legitimacy of the election and the Presidency should not be a strategy that is even considered.