US-Russia Relations Continue to Crumble

Over the past several weeks, allegations of Russia’s involvement in the US elections through its cyberattacks on the Clinton campaign have sparked tensions between the US and Russia, especially as the November elections draw closer. These allegations came after the US supported UK’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson’s demand for “investigations for war crimes in the Syrian city of Aleppo” against Russia and Syria following a collapsed Syrian ceasefire and subsequent bombings on Syrian civilians.

The White House released a statement saying that the response to the Russian hacking of confidential Clinton emails would be “proportional” against Russia. Russia has denied its alleged interference in the US elections, stating that there is “not a single fact or proof” to support¬†American allegations against Russia’s apparent involvement in aiding the Trump campaign through these hacking schemes. This comes after Trump has reportedly praised Russian president Vladimir Putin during election campaigns and speeches, creating heated tensions and uncertainties as November closes in.

Irene Promodh

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