4 Leadership Traits Evan McMullin Emphasizes at his Georgetown Speech

US Presidential Candidate Evan McMullin did a speech on leadership and foreign policy at Georgetown University in DC. He explains a new era of leadership by describing 4 core principles.


” The gravitational force of freedom still draws people to our country”.

Opening with an anecdote, McMullin narrates how his family left Ireland in the 1600s to the United States, seeking for greater economic opportunity. Thus, he explains that other families come from a myriad of places seek the freedom and democracy the US emulates.


“Extremist ideologies that penetrate nations”.

Alluding to ISIS and Assad, McMullin explains that isolationism isn’t an option for the US.  The American president must retain military forces and alliances to provide security.


“We must invest more in intelligence and diplomacy”.

These methods allow the US to be aware of preventing problems that could result in crises.


“These principles, these ideals, and our commitment to them generate goodwill across the world”.

The ability to promote human rights and democracy is essential. McMullin emphasizes that countries should respect their citizens.


Although the US is not perfect, McMullin states that these core principles may transform the new era of American leadership. These are the principles that can provide more freedom and prosperity as an indispensable nation.




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Kymberley is a student doing the International Baccalaureate Diploma. She enjoys analysing current affairs and is active in Model United Nations. As managing editor for TheModCon, she is ambitious and keen on providing analytical news.