12 Lives Lost, A Series of Bombings, and the Near Destruction of American Education in Kabul

As Afghanistan mourns the loss of seven students hoping to pave the road for a safer, better future, the world extends its deepest sympathy to Afghanistan.

After ten hours of gruelling efforts to gun down the two suicide-vested militants whose gunfire and car bomb blasts shook the nation just days after its jubilant national independence day on the 18th of August, forty-four people were reported to have been severely injured at the American University of Afghanistan, one of them being Pulitzer-award winning photojournalist, Massoud Hossaini. The US Embassy in Kabul acknowledged that the target of this militant siege could have been American citizens in Afghanistan, especially after Obama deployed more troops to monitor Afghanistan several weeks ago, while Taliban and local ISIS groups claimed a series of recent bomb attacks aimed at destabilising the Western-backed nation.

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Moreover, two Australian and American professors from the American University of Afghanistan were kidnapped just weeks ago near this elite, private university where 500 students were rescued in emergency rescue efforts during this near-death experience.


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