Childhood and seven years – the story out of the land of Sinjar

“Almass in isis territory”
“Almass & Cathreen in isis territory “

This article was written by Shaheen Khalaf, it tells us the story of Almass, a 7 year old girl; and her family. This article comes from a translation in Arabic, therefore the original content is edited. Almass was 7 years old when she lived in Wardya, south of Mount Sinjar. She lived with her parents, Edo and Barfe, and her siblings. Her sisters were 17 year-old Reeam, 15 year-old Baran and 14 year-old Saro and her brothers were 19 year-old Malo, 10 year-old Sarmad, 6 year-old Nabo, and 4 year-old Laween. They are all in captivity. The 3rd of august 2014 her village had appointment with the hell of the Islamic State. She been captured with all her family and her other relatives. They were taken to the Kaser-Almehrab village near Tel-Afer town in the west of Mosul. When they reached the village they had all been separated. ISIS took everyone. Men walked in a side and women, girls and kids in other side. Then they took men to an unknown place. The women, girls and kids of Kaser-Almehrab, and the family of Almass, were surprised that there were more than 1500 people. There were other Yazidis from different parts of Sinjar who were in the same village of Kaser-Almehrab. This was a Shia village and this people had escaped from ISIS in the beginning of July in 2014. Now it was empty and ISIS had taken all the Yazidi females and kids hostages. Almass spent in the village 4 months. During this time Almass saw all the atrocities that ISIS had committed. She saw them takin girls as sex slaves and boys to training camps to become fighters. ISIS never gave her a good meal. She heard that members of ISIS urinated in the tank of drinking water. She heard how babies cried because of the lack milk and food. After those 4 months ISIS took Almass’s family to Mosul. They settled in an abandoned house. After a month of deprivation and starvation in Mosul, of fear and lack of sleep, the Islamic State transferred them to Haee-Alkhadra, in Tel-Afer. By the moment, the Islamic State had completely separated the family and the village. ISIS took the remaining kids to training in Syria and for sex slavery. Some were taken as servants for Emir’s houses all around Iraq and Syria. It was that moment when the now few members of Almass’s family lost contact with the ones in captivity. Before ISIS attacked, when Almass lived in Dohuk, her family had 80 members. Almass appeared back in Dohuk and her family paid a smuggler $7000 to take her to safe place among Cathreen and Lamya (two family members.) They reached safe territory in April, 14, 2016. On the way Almass was killed. She never saw her family again. Cathreen also died on the way, they were killed by a roadside bomb on their way. Luckily Lamya didn’t die but she was severely injured. Lamya is currently getting treated at the Erbil Hospital. To see footage on the frontlines of Sinjar, visit The Moderate Conservative on Facebook.