About us

The Moderate News Ltd. was founded by Henrik Friis de Magalhães e Meneses in 2014 along with a team of dedicated contributors.

The Moderate Conservative was established in reaction to the increase of publicity given to extreme views within the political sphere. This uneven approach has left the international community disillusioned, resulting in the lack of understanding of cultural and religious differences around the world. TheModCon seeks to bring a breath of fresh air within the sphere of international politics, unafraid to admit its political leaning and unafraid to criticize news from all corners of the political spectrum.

In particular, TheModCon will focus on spreading influence from three avenues:

  • News analysis
  • Principal Projects and Documentaries
  • Film Festivals

These three sections are some of the greatest media markets to stream political news, both in terms of public interaction and getting the global community involved. In addition, hosting Film Festivals gives TheModCon the opportunity to showcase the importance of other filmmakers’ work, particularly in the field of Human Rights.

In addition, TheModCon team acknowledges the following writers for their articles:

Anna Holloway
Benedetto Pellegrino
Shad Karim
Efe Aydog
Sruthi VS
Shaheen Nazdar
Yahya Qanie
Lokesh Hotchandani
Bartholomew A. Konechni

As the platform is in the early stages of growth, it relies on your support for success. Please share, like, and comment on TheModCon’s articles as you see fit, making sure your voice is heard. From all of us here at TheModCon, we hope you enjoy and if you wish to get involved or work with the team, feel free to give us a shout!

Thank you to all those who have and continue to support us!

Best wishes,

Henrik Friis de Magalhães e Meneses
Chief Executive Officer & Founder